Quilla’s new musical ANCESTRAL is premiering this week!

Premiering at the Stephen D. Hyers Theater, this musical is an intergenerational story about diaspora and dreams. Told through live dance sequences crafted by local choreographer LeDarius Parker as well as dialog and a powerful musical score written and produced by Quilla, the narrative focuses on three characters who reside in modern-day Greensboro, NC. Each character is grappling with a turning point in their lives, and encounters an ancestral figure during dreams, leading to a profound transformation. The characters represent a cross-section of contemporary North Carolina, and their ancestors represent a diverse snapshot of humanity’s past.

ANCESTRAL was created with support by the North Carolina Arts Council and partnering arts councils such as ArtsGreensboro. Its production was also made possible by Creative Greensboro’s artist residency program at the Stephen D. Hyers Theater in April 2023. This event is wheelchair accessible, and ADA-compliant.

Recommended for ages 10 and up. Children must be accompanied by an adult.


Written, directed and produced by Anna Luisa Daigneault (Quilla)

Choreography by LeDarius Gipsi Parker

Music and lyrics by Anna Luisa Daigneault (Quilla)

Choral arrangements by Kate Tobey

Beats on “You Belong Here” and “Bloodlines Remix” by Treee City

“Bloodlines” music video directed by Alexei Mejouev

Live video projections by Jennida Chase and Hassan Pitts

Lighting technician: Fatima Njie

Audio technician: Keenan Harmon

Poster design by Marty O’Connor

Stage hand: Skyler Foy



AMIKA – Mikayla Johnson

ADAM – Jarvis Wilson

ROSA – Sabrina Morales

AMUL – Shelby Johnson

JOHN WHITE – Stefan DiMuzio

THE SUBLIMINALS (dancers): Elijah Grady, April McLaurin, Travis Simmons, Janina Spencer

COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS CHOIR: Kate Tobey, Izzy Hayes, Lee Atkinson