The music video for “You Belong Here” is out now!

Cover art for “You Belong Here” (art direction by Jennida Chase)

Quilla’s latest song “You Belong Here” is a collaboration with two fellow North Carolina artists: electronic music producer Treee City and vocalist Kate M. This track is now available on all streaming platforms (find it on Spotify and Apple Music).

This song was released by Ritual Fire Records and distributed by The Orchard in 2024. It was produced and recorded with support from the North Carolina Arts Council & ArtsGreensboro in 2023, and was a featured song in Quilla’s live music, ANCESTRAL.

This music video was filmed at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Department of Media Studies in 2023. Thank you to everyone involved in the production of this project, especially director Jennida Chase and her team of student production assistants from UNCG. 

This music video has been accepted for screening at the following international film festivals in 2024: The Europe Music Video Awards in Košice (Slovakia), The Women’s Film Festival, and The Bronx World Film Cycle.


Lyrics, music and vocals by Quilla

Vocal arrangement and harmonies by Kate M.

Beats by Treee City 

Electronic production and mixing by Quilla and Treee City

Vocal recording and production by Quilla and Mike Garrigan

Mastering by Holger Lagerfeldt


Choreography by LeDarius Parker

Dancers: LeDarius Parker and Elijah Grady

Quilla’s hair by Cece Nunez Pabon


Filmed at the UNCG Department of Media Studies

Director: Jennida Chase

Producers: Jennida Chase and Quilla

Director of photography: Hassan Pitts

Art direction and set design: Jennida Chase

Lighting direction: Jennida Chase

Camera operator(s): Yisell Pena Ortiz, Emma Kilduff, Ben Casteen

Set construction: Milo Kiandost, Emily Merchant, Michael-Michell Pratt

Production assistants: Sarah Groban, Fatima Njie, Skyler Foy, Kiara Harris, Zoie Chambers, Austin Holder, Evan Winney, Emma Kilduff, Spencer Millsaps, Yisell Pena Ortiz, Michael Smith, Ben Casteen, Ian Wilson, Milo Kiandost, Emily Merchant, Michael-Michell Pratt, Tyler Lucia, Rayne Addison, Cameron Brosnan, Brianna Foster, Carvis Moncref

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