Theme Music & Scores

Quilla is a versatile composer and music producer who is currently writing the score for the forthcoming documentary series about motherhood and artistry, The Motherlode (directed by Jennida Chase).

As a frequent collaborator with media outlets and independent producers, Quilla has written theme songs and interstitial music for the following shows and podcasts:

  • Due South (WUNC) – a daily radio show hosted by Leoneda Inge and Jeff Tiberii. The show is a source for news, information, and perspectives from across North Carolina and the South. It takes a panoramic view of politics, place, race, and southern culture, among other topics. The show takes deep-dives into the news – while also providing a break from the news cycle with conversations on topics ranging from food and music to arts and culture
  • Embodied (WUNC) – an award-winning radio show and podcast, Embodied is distributed nationally by PRX. Sex and relationships are intimate — and sometimes intimidating to talk about. In this award-winning show, host Anita Rao guides us on an exploration of our brains and bodies that touches down in taboo territory.
  • Anywhere But Here (independent podcast)
  • Future Shock (WUNC Music)

  • The Assignment with Audie Cornish (CNN)

  • Green Earth Martyrs (forthcoming)