Quilla wrote the theme song for DUE SOUTH

I’ve been working hard on a ton of projects. Just released: the new theme song for Due South, a radio show that launched on November 1, 2023!

Quilla in her home studio

From the show’s description: “Due South is a new daily radio show on WUNC hosted by Leoneda Inge and Jeff Tiberii. The show is a source for news, information, and perspectives from across North Carolina and the South.

It takes a panoramic view of politics, place, race, and southern culture, among other topics. The show takes deep-dives into the news – while also providing a break from the news cycle with conversations on topics ranging from food and music to arts and culture.”

I went deep into research mode and composed this theme as if I were orchestrating for a big dynamic band complete with a horn section. Super happy with the result. Thanks to WUNC producers for bringing me aboard as your composer for this show.

You can listen to Due South every weekday morning at 10am EST on WUNC.

New Feature in Triad City Beat

Quilla is a member of the Queen Bees, an electronic folk trio that recently graced the cover of Triad City Beat (Nov 30, 2023 – Photo by Carolyn de Berry)

“We’re able to bridge between Molly’s world building, research and lyrics, Kate’s ear for arrangement and structure and me with the actual production side and the skeleton of the song, […] I like to call us the triforce; I know we’ll share the load equally between us in a way that feels healthy and fun.”

– Quilla
(in an article by Sayaka Matsuoka for Triad City Beat)