Quilla launches electronic music production workshops for women

Quilla has begun teaching workshops at her studio in Greensboro NC to help women and femmes become more self-reliant with their music technology and production skills. All production levels welcome. This is a safe space with no judgment about any hurdles or technical problems you may experience when trying to produce your own music.

Sunday Sept 30th, 2018. 1-3pm.  Electronic Music Production Workshop for Women. We will cover introductory concepts about electronic music production, talk about gear, digital workflow and file management, reflect on mixing techniques and have group discussion about the hurdles and challenges that arise from composing and producing electronically.

Weds Oct 3rd, 2018. 1-3pm: Vocal Production Workshop for Women. We are going to talk extensively about the human voice, as well as how to record vocals, how to EQ, how to compress, how to get the most out of your recording equipment, approaches to mixing vocals with other instruments, etc. We will do a little bit of vocal test recording so we can discuss best practices.

Weds, Nov 21st, 2018. – details TBD

Weds, Nov 28th,  2018. – details TBD

For more information, email: moonwheel@gmail.com

Workshop attendees Jacqui Haggerty, Johanna Breed, Crystal Bright, and Quilla