The music video for “Bloodlines” is out!

This new song “Bloodlines” is about weaving a connection with one’s ancestry. With stunning choreography by LeDarius Parker, the dancers embody resilience and empathy. This piece from Quilla’s new musical, ANCESTRAL. Tickets are on sale now for performances on April 27, 28, 29, 30 (2023) at the Stephen D. Hyers Theater in Greensboro, NC.

Composed and produced by Quilla
Choreography by LeDarius Gipsi Parker
Directed and edited by Alexei Mejouev
Dancers: Elijah Grady, April McLaurin, Laniya Smith, Cameron Vanderhaar
Filmed at the Greensboro Cultural Center
Made with support from the North Carolina Arts Council & ArtsGreensboro

Quilla – “Bloodlines” (feat. Kate Tobey)
Music and lyrics by Quilla
Violin and backing vocals: Kate Tobey
Mixing and electronic production: Quilla
Recording engineer: Mike Garrigan
Vocal production: Quilla and Mike Garrigan
Mastering: Holger Lagerfeldt