Around Town Sessions: Performance by Quilla

Recorded at Elsewhere Museum in downtown Greensboro, Quilla was featured in the most recent episode of Around Town Sessions.

She performed a song in Spanish entitled “Un alma del norte y del sur” (The North-South Soul) from her recent album, The Handbook of Vivid Moments (2020). She and musician Ashley Virginia played an improvised vocal loop piece called “I Belong Here” that was inspired by a mural piece entitled “You Belong Here” by Canadian artist Bronwen Moen, created at Elsewhere. Lastly, Quilla played a new piano & voice single entitled “Surreal” that will be coming out on her label, Ritual Fire Records, in summer 2021.

Around Town Sessions was directed by Alexei Mejouev and produced by Ashley Virginia Buffa, with production assistance from Liam Tramwick.

Thank you to Program Curator Jesse Hoyle at Elsewhere Museum for allowing us to film in the library!