‘We Rave You’ premieres Quilla’s music video!

A big shout-out to We Rave You for reviewing Quilla’s album “You Got It” and for exclusively premiering her new music video for the title track of the album. The reviewer, Shantanu Singh, had some great comments:

“When she is not studying endangered languages in her capacity as a linguist and an anthropologist, Anna Luisa Daigneault or Quilla is giving life to words in ones that we do understand. After having been recognized as a true talent behind the microphone, dishing out dreamy and ethereal lyrics in a serenading voice, Quilla took a turn beyond her vocalist image towards becoming producer herself in 2016.

[…] Kicking off with eerie drum-work, the listener is met with her spellbinding and ethereal voice – one that soothes the senses like silk would. Exciting more emotions in the listener, Quilla carries off the track well with her pitch perfect adeptness behind both, the microphone as well as the production desk.”

Read more here. THANKS We Rave You! 🙂